What is Machine Intelligence?

Feb 2, 2021 11:15 AM — 12:30 PM
Accelerator Winter 2021

With breakthroughs in understanding images, translating language, transcribing speech artificial intelligence promises to revolutionise the technological landscape. Machine learning algorithms are able to convert unstructured data into actionable knowledge. With the increasing impact of these technologies, society’s interest is also growing.

The word intelligence conjures notions of human-like capabilities. But are we really on the cusp of creating machines that match us? We associate intelligence with knowledge, but in this talk I will argue that the true marvel of our intelligence is the way it deals with ignorance.

Despite the large strides forward we have made, I will argue that we have a long way to go to deliver on the promise of artificial intelligence. And it is a journey that our societies need to take together, not just as computer scientists, but together by rediscovering the interdisciplinary spirit that is required to achieve real scientific progress.

Neil D. Lawrence
Neil D. Lawrence
Professor Machine Learning