AI for scientific discovery: an introduction to Accelerate Science

The Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery is a new initiative from Cambridge University’s Department of Computer Science and Technology, which will support researchers across the University to use machine learning to advance their research.

What is Machine Intelligence?

Is machine learning really artificial intelligence?

Machine Learning and the Scientific Principle

This talk will focus on how we can formulate beliefs and assumptions mathematically and recover an updated belief from observations. We will reflect on the place machine learning can have in the scientific toolbox.

The Role of Uncertainty in Machine Learning

Humans understand, reason and act by quantifying not only what they know, but also what they do not know. The parallel to this in the machine learning world is quantification of uncertainty, and its propagation across the various components of our machine learning system. This talk will discuss the different sources of uncertainty arising in a modeling scenario, and the tools we can use to capture this uncertainty and use it as part of our machine learning-assisted reasoning.