Vishnu Jejjala

Vishnu Jejjala

Chair: Theoretical Particle Cosmology

Mandelstam Institute for Theoretical Physics


String theory is the leading candidate for a theory of quantum gravity. My interests are broad, but focus on bringing string theory into contact with the real world. In particular, motivated by the AdS/CFT correspondence and the principle of holography, I strive to formulate the theory of statistical mechanics that underlies gravitational thermodynamics. Black holes supply an important theoretical laboratory for this research. I want to apply the technology developed in the black hole context to the resolution of spacetime singularities, especially in time dependent, cosmological backgrounds. I aim to understand holography and the emergence of spacetime in general settings. Another major thrust of my research is to explain how the Standard Model of particle physics descends from a fundamental theory. I seek to relate geometrical aspects of the vacuum space of quantum field theories to string theory and use geometric structure as a practical tool for particle phenomenology. Recently, I have been investigating the constraints on string compactifications stemming from cosmology and particle theory inputs. As well, I work on supersymmetric field theories in four dimensions and various problems in mathematical physics.


  • String Theory / M-Theory
  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Cosmology
  • String Phenomenology
  • Condensed Matter Systems
  • Mathematical Physics